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Exciting Showdown at the Inaugural Texas High School Bass Association Tournament at Lake Lewisville


The kickoff of the Texas High School Bass Association tournament for the 2023 and 2024 season at Lake Lewisville, TX witnessed an electrifying battle of skills and determination as young anglers from various schools across the region converged to showcase their fishing prowess. With high hopes and an undying passion for the sport, the competitors cast their lines into the water, vying for the title of champions. It was rough conditions and the fishing was tough, but the dynamic duo of Cole Gotcher and Blaise Bellard from the Columbia HS Bass Fishing Team who emerged victorious, taking home the top spot with an impressive total weight of 25.95 pounds from 10 fish.

A Look at the Top Contenders

  1. Cole Gotcher & Blaise Bellard (Columbia HS Bass Fishing Team): These two talented anglers delivered a remarkable performance, securing the coveted first place. Their 25.95-pound haul left no room for doubt about their skills on the water.

  2. Kase Kramer & Rance Penick (Fredericksburg): A close second in the competition, Kramer and Penick showcased exceptional teamwork, reeling in an impressive total of 25.24 pounds.

  3. Aidan Abramson & Ben Burns (Lovejoy, Lucas): The Lovejoy duo proved their mettle, securing the third spot with a commendable 23.9-pound catch.

The tournament saw participants from various schools battling it out in a challenging environment, where windy conditions, unseasonably hot temperatures and pleasure boaters abound. Many teams struggled to complete a bag or land any fish at all, but the top ten contenders pulled it out with multiple double or near-double digit fish caught.

Skill, Strategy, and Patience

The success of the top teams serves as a testament to the significance of skill, strategy, and patience in the world of competitive bass fishing. Their ability to adapt to changing conditions and make precise casts proved invaluable in securing their victory.

Future Prospects

The future of high school bass fishing looks promising with young talents like these emerging from schools across the region. The skills honed during these tournaments may well pave the way for a future generation of professional anglers.

For full tournament results, please visit the Texas High School Bass Association page.
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