About Ancient Hunter USA

About Ancient Hunter USA

Ancient Hunter was conceived as the brain child of Kentaro Horimoto of Japan based on his love fishing. With the help of an all-star team of engineers, designers, and artists, the Ancient Hunter factory was established to produce top-quality products to the most stringent specifications at a competitive price. "Cheap quality" is not in our vocabulary!


Ancient Hunter USA is proud to represent the Ancient Hunter brand as the first official US Agent. Spearheaded by Michael Mancino, Ancient Hunter USA aims to bring the highest quality fishing gear to the American market!


Mike has been an avid fishermen since his youth. Growing up in Arizona, Mike would regularly set off on weekends, and sometimes weekday adventures, at the dismay of his teachers, to the deserts and mountains of Arizona in search of the most pristine waters. 


In 2009, Mike joined the United States Army where he served 4 years as a Medic with the 1st Cavalry Division. Mike brought his love of fishing with him and soon learned the "Texas" way of fishing for largemouth bass, and it was all downhill from there. Thanks to one of his primary mentors, a retired Sergeant Major named Don, Mike quickly became a bass-addict. 


Upon leaving the Army in 2013, Mike shifted into the high-risk security and investigations field and eventually into financial crimes investigations, but the love of bass fishing only grew. Now an avid boat and kayak angler, Mike spends most of his free time dreaming up new lures, making homemade baits and exploring as many waterways as possible while teaching his two young boys and wife to fish. 


All of our baits have been hand-selected and tested by Mike for quality and effectiveness.

Monster Mike's Baits!

Monster Mike's Baits!

Ancient Hunter USA and Monster Mike's are proud to bring "Monster Mike's Baits" by Ancient Hunter into the family!


Mike has been an avid fishermen for decades and has joined Ancient Hunter upon seeing the quality and dedication they have for fishing and producing top quality products.


As part of our partnership, Ancient Hunter will bring Monster Mike's customs and exclusives. Stay tuned for great things to come!


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